Becoming Ice Man – Achieve Super Human abilities


Here is something I recently stumbled upon and I am totally sold on the idea of it, Enter Wim Hof, also called as the “Ice man”, He has done Incredible feats which are considered Superhuman. Wim’s acheivements(source: wikipedia)
Hof holds twenty world records including a world record for longest ice bath.[2] He broke his previous world record by staying immersed in ice for 1 hour, 13 minutes and 48 seconds at Guinness World Records 2008. The night before, he performed the feat on the Today Show.
Wim describes his ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures as being able to “turn his own thermostat up” by using his mind.
Inspired by his teachings, I have started learning his method and started Cold exposure, through Cold showers, as Wim says, “the cold is your warm friend!“, Inspired by Wim, I have started the breathing exercises, cold showers in the morning. I have to say I am already seeing so much alive after taking the cold shower each day, I highly recommend it. Not convinced yet, take a few minutes and watch the below
video and decide it for yourself.

 Stay COOL My Friends!!!
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